Pretty online webcam

The last downside is that you can only use it with webcams attached to your computer not IP cameras.

However, for me it worked because I was only using built-in webcams on Windows machines.

When I moved it to better frame rate, the video was delayed by several seconds and was very grainy.

When I moved it to better quality, the image got better and the delay became even worse!

I thought it had something to do with the computer or my Wi-Fi network, but when I installed the other two apps I am about to mention, the video quality was much better and the delay was usually under a second.

I still recommend this app because it’s very highly rated and it could have just been some issue with my setup.

So those are three apps you can use to wireless stream your webcam to your i Phone or i Pad.

Air Cam also lets you add IP cameras, so that is another plus.

If you want, you can also remotely access it, but that requires extra configuration of your router, etc, which I didn’t do.

Jumi Cam is also .99 and also had very good video quality, even better than Air Cam.

The big downside to Jumi Cam in my opinion is that the i Pad app just displays the i Phone app window.

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